Real Estate 31 March 2022

Things to do before selling your house

Home Selling Checklist

Have you made up your mind to sell your house? Well, then roll up your sleeves and start working as there is a whole lots of stuff you need to figure out, before you can list it. Below is a list that applies to most of the listings:

  • Arrange Living Areas Properly
  • Consider Repainting
  • Touch-ups are Highly Recommended
  • Add Plants to Enhance Outdoors
  • Protect your Belongings
  • Consider Staging
  • Enhance the Curb Appeal
  • Fix Blinds and Curtains
  • Deep Clean Carpets
  • Power-wash Outdoors
  • Fix Lighting
  • Fix Blinds and Curtains
  • Work with a Real Estate Agent

Looks like a long list doesn’t it, don’t worry just classify these tasks into groups and try working on one group at a time. Most of these tips are uncomplicated, while others might require a bit more effort. Be careful and know what kind of cleaning products you use for cleaning, as different building materials react to household cleaners in a different way. Use professional help where needed, such as electricians, plumbers etc.

All this effort will certainly pay off by attracting more buyers and offers for your property, so let’s think about the positive side to begin with, Good Luck!