7 May 2022

New Construction Home Upgrades To Avoid And Skip

When you’re buying a new construction home, there are some home upgrades to avoid and skip. The cost of the new construction home is a base price for the structure of the home, and basic finishes. Most homebuyers want to add customizations to their homes, which are costly. As a general rule, if the work is not very invasive and there is little demolition work, it can be done after completion. Swipe to see what upgrades you must avoid.

• Home Appliances

You will probably save money by choosing your own appliances from your local department store. Several major department stores, such as Best Buy, The Brick, and Leon’s, offer home appliances at great prices. When buying kitchen utensils, choose the right size for your home.

• Countertops

Most Builders will charge almost double for this upgrade, compared to getting it done for by a local contractor after closing. You also have the advantage of great variety of products to select from. Marble has been a trending option but it’s actually a bad investment. It’s incredibly porous, which means it’s easy to chip or stain. And in a space like your kitchen where spills are common, it’s more of a problem than it’s worth. If you really like how it looks, choose quartz instead. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s rarely destroyed.

• Crown Molding

Your builder will definitely try to sell you a crown molding for your wall or your cabinet, it’s an expensive upgrade and easy to install on your side. While it certainly looks very attractive in the design center, the crown bar is purely for aesthetics and does not add value in any other way.

• Kitchen Backsplash

Your sales rep will try to sell you kitchen splash backs. Yes, they look great in photos and demo houses. However, the tiling task is tedious and the builder spends a lot of money on the effort and tiles you choose. After closing, it can be installed at almost 40% of the cost.

• Light Fixtures

The standard lights provided by the builder are generally nothing special, and the upgrades aren’t too exciting either. There is not much point in upgrading with builder as there are so many great online options for buying stylish & affordable lighting.

• Wood Floors (My personal opinion)

Wooden floors are expensive and susceptible to scratches and floods. Use a laminate instead, and have same look for lesser. They look like wood, but are fairly cheap, scratch less and waterproof, last longer without sacrificing the look of the space.

• Plumbing Fixtures and faucets

Kitchen sink faucets, bathroom faucets and shower heads are all easy to install and replace. Your builder may charge a fair amount for these upgrades, so do these after closing. Then you can slowly change these as needed.

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