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New Construction Upgrades That Are Worth The Money And Add Value To The House

New homes may be the best action for many homebuyers, as low home inventories continue to dominate most of the country. You can choose your lot, choose the finish you like, and avoid the hidden hassles that often come with buying an old home. However, if you are not careful about the upgrade you choose, new builds can be costly. You need to know which home upgrades add value and which new build upgrades should be avoided. Check out my last post to know which upgrades you must avoid.

I have created a list of home upgrades which are worth it and add value to the property. Swipe to know more about why you must consider adding these upgrades.

• Increased Ceiling Height
The high ceilings make your home feel more spacious and luxurious. They also fill the house with lots of light, giving it an open and spectacular look and feel. Are you thinking of selling your home in the future? High ceilings are a big selling point and add a great element instantly in an open house.

• Rough-In Basement
If your basement is unfinished, you might consider having your builder lay in plumbing for a full or half bath. You’ll be able to add another bathroom to your home if you ever decide to finish the basement.  Anyways adds value, as it is a potential asset to the next person who moves in.

• 1/2″ Fire Rated or 5/8″ Drywall
Your builder is most likely using 1/2-inch drywall. Upgrade to a fire-rated 1/2-inch type or 5/8-inch drywall. It increases rigidity, improves soundproofing, and boosts resistance. Choose moisture-resistant drywall in places where water moisture is common.

• 2″ x 6″ Exterior Framing
Instead of using 2′′ x 4′′ frame on the outer walls, use 2′′ x 6′′ framing. This will add more insulation to your home, lowering your heating bills in the long run.

• Energy Saving Options
Homebuyers are increasingly realizing the benefits of energy efficient homes. In fact, they are often willing to pay more for homes with “green” upgrades. How much the value of your home increases depends on the kind and number of upgrades.

• Stairs Upgrade
Carpet stairs are becoming annoying to most buyers on the market today. Wooden staircase is a great upgrade! Be creative with painted risers and iron stanchions, but don’t go crazy as these “extras” don’t add resale. All you need is a simple oak or maple staircase.

If you want expert advice on your specific situation, call or DM me. I will be glad to help!

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